Loud Neighbors? Can Thick Carpet and Padding Help Reduce Noise?

Noisy Neighbors! Can Heavier Carpet or Thicker Padding Help Reduce Noise, Stomping Feet and Bothersome Sounds from Neighbors?

Hi Alan,

I just checked out your website, CarpetProfessor.com, as I want to purchase and install a very durable, soil and stain resistant carpet in my heavy-traffic rental apartment, by end of this month. I also want to reduce the sound coming from my upstairs neighbors.

I own a fairly-new three-floor, two-family home, with the first two floors owner-occupied and the 3rd floor is a rental. The rental has 2 bedrooms, a storage room, living room and dining area, a very long staircase from ground floor to the rental apartment and another staircase inside rental apartment to the terrace.

I believe the two staircases have about 44 steps total. I just remodeled the rental apartment and removed all the old carpet as my last tenants soiled and stained the carpet beyond recognition.

I tried to get expert carpet advice, but my first two tries ended in disaster.

I tried National Floors Direct and found their salesperson a fraud and a scam using high pressure sales tactics.

He was more interested in getting a down payment from me than recommending or advising me on best carpet and padding.

He wanted a $2,000 down payment for a carpet he first priced at $7,500 and then dropped the price to $4,500 if I paid the deposit before he leaves. This was a very bad experience and scary.

Then I tried Empire Today, which sent an inexperienced salesperson to me and that did not go well.

I found the guy only interested in making money and did not care if I made wise and informed choices.

Then I found your website. Your free information about carpet and padding was very valuable to me so I thought I would ask for your help.

I need to install new carpet throughout the entire rental apartment by end of this month.

Best Carpet and Pad Options for Loud Neighbors?

The owner-occupied floors and the rental floor are not sound proof and we are very concerned about loud noise coming from the upstairs tenants’ floor. I originally wanted to install tiles in the tenants’ floor but decided against it because tiles do not reduce the noise or absorb sound.

I know a good quality carpet and padding does help reduce and absorb sound, so I decided I would install carpet in the rental floor and on staircases. However, I am still trying to figure out the best type of noise or sound reducing, durable, soil and stain resistant carpet and padding to purchase. So here are my main questions:

Q. What carpet and padding would you recommend for the rental apartment, bedrooms, living and dining rooms and storage room to reduce the sound from stomping feet and other loud noises coming from the upstairs apartment?

Q. I see where you recommended a commercial-grade carpet for the staircase, but would this help reduce noise or sound better than a residential-grade carpet and pad?

I live in Queens, NY near your recommended Bay Ridge Carpet & Linoleum Carpet Dealer. I plan to check out this company tomorrow or so and I hope they are still trustworthy and honest as you indicate on your website.

Which Carpet and Padding Will Reduce Noise Best?

Alan please reply to my email and questions ASAP. I really need your help and recommendations on best carpet and padding to purchase to meet my needs. I took your Carpet Foot-traffic Test and the results show I have Heavy-Traffic. Thanks, and God Bless, Kim


Hi Kim,
Your dealings with Empire and National is par for the course. Sorry you had to go through that. It is well known that most nationally advertised retailers use high-pressure sales tactics and their sales reps have limited knowledge about the products they sell. I always recommend buying from a locally owned and family run carpet dealer.

I can’t tell you what grade of carpet you need to to buy, as there are so many options for you to consider. If you allow pets, then you might want to consider installing a lower priced carpet. Pets that have frequent wet accidents can ruin an expensive carpet just a fast as an inexpensive carpet. You already know how much damage some tenants and their pets can do. If your tenants will be staying for many years and have no pets, then a better grade of carpet might be a better option.

Does thick carpet or padding help reduce noise and sound?

I think you should select at least an 8-pound density “Rebond” type padding to help reduce noise from your upstairs tenants.Rebond is the most economical padding and it does a great job of supporting the carpet and has excellent sound deadening properties.

The padding thickness to choose will depend on the type and style of carpet you select. In most cases a 7/16″ padding thickness will be appropriate. Some dealers have higher density pads and increased thicknesses. Too much padding thickness can cause your carpets to develop wrinkles. A half inch thickness is where I would draw the line for a frieze, plush or textured style carpet. Looped Berber styles are not a good choice for rentals because they tend to snag easily.

I do think it would be wise to select a commercial-grade carpet for your stairs and use a synthetic-fiber padding. It is a dense pad and has anti-microbial properties. It will last longer and help quiet the sound of stomping feet. Stairs always take a beating and a commercial grade carpet and pad is more durable and will save you money in the long run.

Loud Neighbors? Will Carpet or Padding Reduce Noise?

Bear in mind that you will still have some noises and sounds from neighbors that you will need to live with and tolerate. Even the thickest carpet and padding can only do so much to reduce the noises and sounds from people living near you.

Yes, Ritchie’s Bay Ridge Carpet is still my #1 carpet choice in Brooklyn and they can help you select a carpet that will serve you best and help reduce the noise from your upstairs neighbors!


Be sure to print out my discount carpet coupon to save up to $100 on your purchase. Let me know how it goes! Please tell Ritchie I sent you!

Kind Regards,

Alan aka The Carpet Professor


Thanks Alan and God Bless you. You are the best. I will tell Ritchie you sent me, Kim

FREE Carpet Installation at Lowe’s and Home Depot?

$199, $99, $39, $37 and now FREE Carpet Installation? I don’t like to mention names of business that I have a negative opinion of or complaint about, but homeowners out shopping for light bulbs, potting soil or hand tools at a big box home improvement warehouse might also notice a sign or banner offering free carpet installation.

Carpet samples on display

Free carpet installation sure sounds like a great offer, but is it really free? Or are they just increasing the price of this item to give you a discount on that item. One thing I know for sure, carpet installers do not work for free.

Carpet installation at Lowe’s and Home Depot was once advertised on TV for $199 and then it dropped to $99. Then it went down to just $37! Now they are saying it’s free. Why do you suppose that is? How can they offer free carpet installation?

Carpet Installer

Big Sale On New Shoes!
Today’s special:
The Left Shoe is Free!

You wouldn’t fall for a shoe sale like that would you? Big box stores want to entice you to buy carpet from them and it would seem that they are willing to give you a fantastic deal on carpet installation to do so. But is their offer for Free Carpet Installation really a good deal for you the consumer?

There are several very good reasons why they are giving away carpet installation for free. One reason is to limit their responsibility to you. When you have a complaint, they don’t have to help you. Why? They used to hire their own installers, but now they farm out your carpet installation to another company.

It may be because they have had so many carpet installation complaints posted on the internet from unsatisfied homeowners claiming poor carpet installation and workmanship. Now if you have a complaint they simply refer you to the installation company that did the work.

Another reason is to entice you to shop for carpet at their store. Every one likes the sound of getting something for free. But they have many requirements, limitations and exclusions attached to their offer of free carpet installation that are only revealed in detail if you read the fine print.

Free carpet installation card

I did a simple search for Home Depot carpet installation complaints on the internet and it revealed plenty of horror stories from angry homeowners. Check it out for yourself if you are interested.

If you get free carpet installation and the installer does a lousy job, what recourse do you have?

Maybe they will try to fix it. Maybe they will say it’s a carpet defect. Maybe they will refund your money…  But wait, if you didn’t pay anything for your carpet installation, what is their financial liability in the event they cannot satisfy you?

Big box retailers used to hire their own carpet installers. But they had a real hard time finding and keeping qualified installers. So they decided contract out all their carpet and flooring installations to various independently owned flooring installation service companies. Do they hire qualified installers?

This limits their liability since Home Depot and Lowe’s now have nothing to do with the carpet or flooring installers. When something goes wrong with your carpet installation, they simply refer you to the installation company that they contracted with to facilitate your install.

What is free carpet installation worth? Do you want to spend thousands on new carpet and then pay nothing for the most important aspect of the job? It doesn’t make much sense to me and I have been in the carpet business over 30 years. Any carpet you buy must be installed properly or it will wear out prematurely.

The Carpet Installation was free, what did you expect for nothing?

Let me ask you… Would you allow an auto repair shop to rebuild your engine for just the cost of the parts? The labor to rebuild and reinstall your engine is free. It sounds like a great deal right? But would you really feel safe taking a long road trip in that car, not knowing if it was rebuilt by a properly trained mechanic?

You see, if you buy carpet from a home improvement warehouse and you have a problem with your carpet, you have to contact the carpet manufacturer to seek a remedy. If you have a complaint about the carpet installation, you have to contact the installation company directly to have it fixed. You won’t know if the installer they send out is qualified to install your new carpet.

Home Improvement Warehouse Carpet Sales

Just because you paid your money to the big box retailer doesn’t mean they will be there to help you when you have a complaint. They tell you to contact the carpet manufacturer or the installation company to seek a remedy. They will say that since they did not manufacture nor install the carpet, you need to go through the appropriate channels to address your complaint.

What a sweet deal for the big box retailers! There is no risk for them. They collect all the money upfront, take their profit right off the top and never have to worry about dealing with homeowner complaints. They even use an independent company to do all their in-home measuring, and they charge you a fee for that.

It all depends on the meaning of the word ‘basic’

Let me also inform you that their free carpet installation for basic carpet installation is defined in a very narrow way. If your home requires anything beyond their definition of “basic” then you will be required to pay quite a bit extra for those services.

I get emails from unhappy homeowners that say the prices they charge for anything beyond their definition of a basic installation are incredibly high and can easily run into the hundreds.

“DO NOT FALL FOR THE CHEAP INSTALL PRICE AT HOME DEPOT! My estimate for installation after adding in all the ‘extra costs’ was over $1200! Of course I had already paid them for the $50 estimate…. wasted money.” Go elsewhere.  J.D. Wilson

“I just had Home Depot give me a measure and quote for carpet. The basic installation is $99, then it is an additional $195 for tack strips, and an additional $85 because it is a mobile home. I’ve called other carpet installers and they charge less for padding ($3 vs. $5.65) and more for installation ($4/yard), and it will still cost me $250 less than at Home Depot!” B. Bennett

“I’m having problems right now in getting a straight quote from Home Depot. They want $30-$60 a room extra to move furniture when one room only has a shelf. Plus, they are telling me I have to go with a padding that is double the cost of what I see in store and somehow they found an extra 270 Sq Ft over my measurements! I know I’m not a pro but that is a 30% difference” S.J.

Thanks for reading. Visit my website to read all of my informative carpet articles and friendly carpet buying advice. Table of Contents

Carpet Dealer Directory

It’s hard to find an honest and reputable carpet store these days! That’s why I created my own special hand-picked list of locally-owned carpet and flooring stores. They give free estimates, offer fair prices, have knowledgeable staff, provide honest measuring and use qualified installers. Any recommended Carpet Stores Near Me?