Why do most homeowners overpay for new Carpet and Flooring?

Why do most homeowners overpay for new Carpet and Flooring? 

It’s because they fail to do their homework! By doing a few hours of research, most homeowners can save a ton of money and end up selecting the right grade of carpet or flooring product that will meet or exceed their goals, lifestyle and overall expectations. 

I have written dozens of online pages on my websites which contain valuable content that you can use to help you make wise and informed carpet and flooring selections.

You should be very wary of all the scams and rip-offs that are prevalent thru-out the carpet and flooring industry.  This is a wake up call! I am sure you have heard about con-artists who are out to steal your personal identity and scam you out of your hard earned money with online phishing scams. Well the same is true in the carpet and flooring business. There are plenty of carpet and flooring scams that you need to learn how to avoid!

Visit my website to get education from my 30+ years of hands-on experience and stellar unbiased carpet and flooring information that will help you avoid common scams and rip-offs. Visit http://www.AbcCarpets.com to learn how to avoid common retailer Carpet and Flooring Scams and rip-offs!

Best Carpet For Kids Rooms? Carpet Professor

Best Carpet For Kids Rooms? If you have active pets, kids and teenagers like me, you know first-hand how hard it is to keep your carpet looking nice.

When your child spills grape juice or drops a peanut butter and jelly sandwich face-down on the carpet, it takes more than a just few minutes to get those stains out!

I also had two cats… that for some reason would vomit on the carpet quite often. I never did find out why they do this but I get plenty of emails from other homeowners who have the exact same problem!

My wife and I had four kids and they were all born about 2 years apart. So having a one-year old, a three-year old a five-year old and seven-year old kept us running both day and night!

How We Survived 4 Kids and 2 Cats

Since I am a carpet installer, I have the ability to change our family room carpet frequently and at a much lower cost than most homeowners.

But that doesn’t mean you should have to pay a fortune to replace your carpet on a regular basis if you have active children, teens or pets.


In my free and unbiased articles posted on my website you will learn many powerful insider secrets to buying the right grade of carpet for your home and how to negotiate a fair and square deal.

If you want carpet to last for 3 to 5 years… Don’t spend more than you need to!

Best Carpet For Kids Rooms? You can buy a decent looking nylon carpet that will last for three years or more for less than $20 per square yard installed with pad! That’s about $400 for a 12′ x 15′ room including tax.

Where to find this deal? You will need to shop at a locally owned carpet store that has rolls of carpet in-stock. The carpet you want is often referred to as builders grade or apartment grade carpet.

    • Choose any carpet style, but not a looped Berber. (snags)
    • Buy from a local carpet dealer with rolls of carpet in-stock.
    • Select a darker color to help hide stains, earth tones work well.
    • Use a 4-6 pound density, 7/16″ Rebond pad.

On the other hand, if you want to buy a carpet that can last for 10, 15 or 20 years, then I can help you choose the right grade of carpet to meet your needs and goals.

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Take a look at all my free articles to learn more about choosing the right grade of carpet and padding for your active children, teenagers and pets!

If you don’t have kids teens or pets, then your carpet choices will increase greatly and your new carpet will last years longer, that is if you care for it properly! Learn more: How to Choose New Carpet Like a Pro!


Carpet Dealer Directory

It’s hard to find an honest and reputable carpet store these days! That’s why I created my own special hand-picked list of locally-owned carpet and flooring stores. They give free estimates, offer fair prices, have knowledgeable staff, provide honest measuring and use qualified installers. Are there any recommended Carpet Stores Near Me?

Karastan Carpet Complaint – Carpet Professor

We had Karastan Nylon Carpet Installed 8 Years Ago.

 It’s now deteriorating rapidly. We continue to find thousands of broken carpet fibers in the carpet and on adjacent surfaces every day, even after vacuuming.

I was led to understand that nylon carpet is the most durable fiber available, so I’m very surprised at this deterioration. Parts of the carpet are often exposed to sunlight, and deterioration is worse in those areas.

Is this deterioration common in nylon carpets? Would steam cleaning prevent further deterioration? Karastan Carpet Complaint!


Alan’s Response:

Thanks for your email. Sorry to hear about your Karastan Carpet Complaint. I don’t have a complete picture of your circumstances so I am going to give you my best opinion and a general response and let you draw your own conclusions.

Feel free to respond with any additional info you think may be pertinent! There may be several issues you need to consider…

From my website:
Carpet Shedding and Fuzzing Explained

Direct and indirect sunlight is bad for all carpets and causes the fiber to become faded and weak and the backing to become dry and brittle. This sounds like it could be your main issue. Other factors that may be contributing to the deterioration:

Your climate, type of heat used in your home, very low humidity combined with other climactic factors can easily play a part to your carpet deteriorating more quickly.

Heavy foot traffic, active kids and pets, and improper maintenance also help break down the carpet fiber prematurely.

From my website:
How Long Does Nylon Carpet Last?

What To Do Next?

Contact the retailer where you purchased your Karastan carpet and ask them to come out and take a look.

Do you have your original sales receipt showing exactly what carpet style you purchased? If so, they can look it up to see the warranty limitations.

Do you still have your original new carpet warranty paperwork? If so, you may still have some limited recourse from the manufacturer if you have followed all their warranty requirements to the letter.

From my website:
About Carpet Stain Warranties

Steam cleaning will not solve your problem, but regular cleaning is required periodically to keep your new carpet warranty in force.

If your warranty has expired or is null and void due to a lack of required care and maintenance, then you should contact a reputable carpet cleaning expert and have them take a look.

They may have a way to help extend the life of your carpet for a little while longer.

From my website:
Carpet Cleaning and Care Guide

Nylon Is The Most Durable Carpet Fiber

Karastan Is a well-known and trusted brand!

Karastan does make good quality carpet, but some carpets are only designed to last 7 to 10 years.

Maybe your carpet has already outlived it’s intended lifespan.Carpet quality is determined by the materials use to construct the carpet and the specifications.

Yes, nylon is the most durable fiber available today, however not all nylon carpets are created equal.

It all boils down to the manufacturers specifications of the carpet in question, including:

    1. Fiber type
    2. Tuft-twist
    3. Pile height
    4. Pile density
    5. Fiber face-weight

How well the carpet is constructed makes a big difference in the life-span and overall durability of the carpet.

Carpet Specifications: Take a look at my free Carpet Durability Guide Chart. It may help you make wise carpet choices in the future.

New Carpet Warranty Limits

If you did not purchase your carpet from a locally-owned family-run flooring dealer, then your final outcome may not be very favorable for you.

Big box retailers like Lowe’s and Home Depot and nationally advertised conglomerates like Empire Today are not very helpful when a customer has a complaint.

Homeowners complain that nobody wants to accept responsibility for fixing their carpet problems or concerns.

The Final Outcome – Karastan Carpet Complaint

Don’t expect to get a free full carpet replacement or a huge discount on new carpet, but there is a small chance for a little something in your favor if the dealer you purchased from is reputable and locally-owned.

Family-run flooring dealers are often willing to give you a discount on your new carpet to make sure you are a satisfied and hopefully you will be a repeat customer.

If you purchased from a locally-owned, family-run flooring dealer, I have found that being pleasant and patient during their investigative process will usually lead to a better end-result for you.

I doubt you will have much, if any, new warranty coverage left at this point.

However, if the dealer understands that you have plenty of friends, co-workers and relatives in their service area.

You might mention you would be happy to recommend them and post a favorable review if your concerns are resolved.

Carpet Dealer Directory

It’s hard to find an honest and reputable carpet store these days! That’s why I created my own special hand-picked list of locally-owned carpet and flooring stores. They give free estimates, offer fair prices, have knowledgeable staff, provide honest measuring and use qualified installers. Are there any recommended Carpet Stores Near Me?


Where To Buy Carpet? Alan’s Preferred Carpet Dealers

Wondering where to get the best deal on new carpet? Buying new carpet for your home is a major expense and it’s difficult and confusing to know how to buy the right carpet and padding, and how to be sure to get qualified installation.

Did I mention how hard it is to get a fair and square price these days?! How much does Carpet Cost?

As a 30-year veteran of the carpet business and a third generation carpet expert, I can confirm that it’s a dangerous jungle out there… and there are lots of unscrupulous Carpet and Flooring retailers that prey on unsuspecting homeowners who fail to do their carpet homework.

Where NOT To Buy Carpet?

Carpet scams are very common and homeowners who rely on sly or inexperienced salespeople to advise them are often left holding the bag and end up unhappy with their carpet purchase.

Why is this so important? Here’s two examples to ponder:

…If your maintenance man does a lousy job cleaning your gutters, it won’t be long before they will overflow. No problem, just have them cleaned again as soon as possible. Problem solved. No major harm done!

…If your landscapers cut your grass too short or too long, or if they fail to trim the shrubs and bushes to your liking… No problem, just ask them to do it the way you prefer next week. Problem solved! No harm done!

Choosing the Right Padding?

If you buy the wrong carpet or pad, or if it is installed improperly…  Your new carpet can lose as much as half of it’s intended life-span. That means it will wear out years faster, mat down faster in the main traffic lanes. It can develop waves & wrinkles and end up looking horrible in a few short years.

Carpet Padding Types

By the time you realize the problem, the damage is already done. It cannot be fixed and the warranty coverage has either expired or is nullified because you chose a grade of carpet that was improper for your application. Was your carpet installed improperly? You stand to lose thousands with no recourse and you now have a fairly new carpet that looks bad and needs to be replaced, again!

Get Informed: Save Money and avoid Headaches!!

I get emails all the time from angry and upset homeowners who have major carpet complaints that are not covered by the carpet manufacturers warranty. They hope that I can help them get a remedy to their problem. Sorry.

Carpet Wear Warranty

I also get lots of emails from folks who hired inexperienced carpet installers and now their carpet is ruined. The sad fact is, once you have a carpet problem, whether it is a carpet defect or a carpet installation issue, no one you call is going to want to accept responsibility.

Everyone will point the finger at the other guy! This is why it is so important to get the job done right the first time. I can help you achieve that goal!

Carpet Abuse: It’s your responsibility to choose the right grade of carpet and padding.

Sadly, once you buy the wrong grade of carpet for your home, there is NO carpet warranty help for you. If you buy a carpet that is not designed to handle your level of foot traffic, then you will automatically void your warranty and have no recourse. They will just say that you have abused your carpet: Warranty Voided!

It’s YOUR responsibility to choose the right grade of carpet to meet you needs, goals and lifestyle. But how are homeowners expected to buy the right carpet when there is very little help or information provided by the carpet makers? What do they care if you buy the wrong carpet? You just have to buy more carpet sooner and that’s how they make more money!

Check Your Foot Traffic Level

Take my Free Carpet Foot Traffic Test to discover what grade of Carpet you need to buy, and about how much it is going to cost to get the entire job done right the first time.

If you cannot afford to buy the grade or quality level of carpet that you need, then you should either wait until you have more money or do your project in stages.

Another critical factor for homeowners is buying carpet from a reputable dealer. From my years of experience I would say that only one out of ten carpet retailers is honest and reputable.

The rest are just snakes in the grass that don’t care about you or whether you choose wisely. If you want to know what carpet dealers I recommend please visit my Preferred Carpet Dealer Directory

If you want to do your carpet homework, visit my website and read my free unbiased articles to discover the truth about how to buy carpet… wisely.

Wondering about Carpet Installation Prices, fees and costs?

Carpet Dealer DirectoryIt’s hard to find an honest and reputable carpet store these days! That’s why I created my own special hand-picked list of locally-owned carpet and flooring stores. They give free estimates, offer fair prices, have knowledgeable staff, provide honest measuring and use qualified installers. Are there any recommended Carpet Stores Near Me?

FREE Carpet Installation at Lowe’s and Home Depot?

$199, $99, $39, $37 and now FREE Carpet Installation? I don’t like to mention names of business that I have a negative opinion of or complaint about, but homeowners out shopping for light bulbs, potting soil or hand tools at a big box home improvement warehouse might also notice a sign or banner offering free carpet installation.

Carpet samples on display

Free carpet installation sure sounds like a great offer, but is it really free? Or are they just increasing the price of this item to give you a discount on that item. One thing I know for sure, carpet installers do not work for free.

Carpet installation at Lowe’s and Home Depot was once advertised on TV for $199 and then it dropped to $99. Then it went down to just $37! Now they are saying it’s free. Why do you suppose that is? How can they offer free carpet installation?

Carpet Installer

Big Sale On New Shoes!
Today’s special:
The Left Shoe is Free!

You wouldn’t fall for a shoe sale like that would you? Big box stores want to entice you to buy carpet from them and it would seem that they are willing to give you a fantastic deal on carpet installation to do so. But is their offer for Free Carpet Installation really a good deal for you the consumer?

There are several very good reasons why they are giving away carpet installation for free. One reason is to limit their responsibility to you. When you have a complaint, they don’t have to help you. Why? They used to hire their own installers, but now they farm out your carpet installation to another company.

It may be because they have had so many carpet installation complaints posted on the internet from unsatisfied homeowners claiming poor carpet installation and workmanship. Now if you have a complaint they simply refer you to the installation company that did the work.

Another reason is to entice you to shop for carpet at their store. Every one likes the sound of getting something for free. But they have many requirements, limitations and exclusions attached to their offer of free carpet installation that are only revealed in detail if you read the fine print.

Free carpet installation card

I did a simple search for Home Depot carpet installation complaints on the internet and it revealed plenty of horror stories from angry homeowners. Check it out for yourself if you are interested.

If you get free carpet installation and the installer does a lousy job, what recourse do you have?

Maybe they will try to fix it. Maybe they will say it’s a carpet defect. Maybe they will refund your money…  But wait, if you didn’t pay anything for your carpet installation, what is their financial liability in the event they cannot satisfy you?

Big box retailers used to hire their own carpet installers. But they had a real hard time finding and keeping qualified installers. So they decided contract out all their carpet and flooring installations to various independently owned flooring installation service companies. Do they hire qualified installers?

This limits their liability since Home Depot and Lowe’s now have nothing to do with the carpet or flooring installers. When something goes wrong with your carpet installation, they simply refer you to the installation company that they contracted with to facilitate your install.

What is free carpet installation worth? Do you want to spend thousands on new carpet and then pay nothing for the most important aspect of the job? It doesn’t make much sense to me and I have been in the carpet business over 30 years. Any carpet you buy must be installed properly or it will wear out prematurely.

The Carpet Installation was free, what did you expect for nothing?

Let me ask you… Would you allow an auto repair shop to rebuild your engine for just the cost of the parts? The labor to rebuild and reinstall your engine is free. It sounds like a great deal right? But would you really feel safe taking a long road trip in that car, not knowing if it was rebuilt by a properly trained mechanic?

You see, if you buy carpet from a home improvement warehouse and you have a problem with your carpet, you have to contact the carpet manufacturer to seek a remedy. If you have a complaint about the carpet installation, you have to contact the installation company directly to have it fixed. You won’t know if the installer they send out is qualified to install your new carpet.

Home Improvement Warehouse Carpet Sales

Just because you paid your money to the big box retailer doesn’t mean they will be there to help you when you have a complaint. They tell you to contact the carpet manufacturer or the installation company to seek a remedy. They will say that since they did not manufacture nor install the carpet, you need to go through the appropriate channels to address your complaint.

What a sweet deal for the big box retailers! There is no risk for them. They collect all the money upfront, take their profit right off the top and never have to worry about dealing with homeowner complaints. They even use an independent company to do all their in-home measuring, and they charge you a fee for that.

It all depends on the meaning of the word ‘basic’

Let me also inform you that their free carpet installation for basic carpet installation is defined in a very narrow way. If your home requires anything beyond their definition of “basic” then you will be required to pay quite a bit extra for those services.

I get emails from unhappy homeowners that say the prices they charge for anything beyond their definition of a basic installation are incredibly high and can easily run into the hundreds.

“DO NOT FALL FOR THE CHEAP INSTALL PRICE AT HOME DEPOT! My estimate for installation after adding in all the ‘extra costs’ was over $1200! Of course I had already paid them for the $50 estimate…. wasted money.” Go elsewhere.  J.D. Wilson

“I just had Home Depot give me a measure and quote for carpet. The basic installation is $99, then it is an additional $195 for tack strips, and an additional $85 because it is a mobile home. I’ve called other carpet installers and they charge less for padding ($3 vs. $5.65) and more for installation ($4/yard), and it will still cost me $250 less than at Home Depot!” B. Bennett

“I’m having problems right now in getting a straight quote from Home Depot. They want $30-$60 a room extra to move furniture when one room only has a shelf. Plus, they are telling me I have to go with a padding that is double the cost of what I see in store and somehow they found an extra 270 Sq Ft over my measurements! I know I’m not a pro but that is a 30% difference” S.J.

Thanks for reading. Visit my website to read all of my informative carpet articles and friendly carpet buying advice. Table of Contents

Carpet Dealer Directory

It’s hard to find an honest and reputable carpet store these days! That’s why I created my own special hand-picked list of locally-owned carpet and flooring stores. They give free estimates, offer fair prices, have knowledgeable staff, provide honest measuring and use qualified installers. Any recommended Carpet Stores Near Me?