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Carpet Cost

Carpet cost is the question everyone wants to know.  So many homeowners are totally in the dark about how much new carpet might cost that I have devoted a special webpage on my website to fully answering this question for homeowners.

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Most consumers are concerned about their final Carpet Cost. Choosing the wrong carpet should be way more important than overall carpet cost.

Homeowners typically want to know how long their new carpet will last and how much new carpet might cost, but overall most consumers do not choose the right carpet quality, and therfore end up with a carpet that is incapable of lasting as long as they hope or anticipate.

The question is…how much should you really spend on new carpet? So many factors are involved in the best case scenario to make a sound judgement…

What grade of carpet should I select?

It all depends on how long you want your carpet to last AND how much foot traffic you have in your home.  There are so many things consumers need to look out for when buying new carpet. I will give you a few examples and my professional take on the subject.

Speaking of how long you want your new carpet to last…. How well you care for your carpet is another big factor. If you don’t clean your carpet regularly and vacuum on a regular basis, then you can kiss about half of your carpet lifespan goodbye.

Oh, and another thing you need to consider… if your new carpet was not installed properly it may also lose up to half of its intended lifespan.

Oh, and did I mention this little fact? If you choose the wrong padding, guess what? you got it, another half of your carpet life can be lost forever.

Wow, did you think about all these potential ways that your expensive new carpet could end up going the way of the dinosaurs faster than you dreamed possible? How could you know? I can help you overcome all these problems and more if you are willing to take the time to learn a few important things about buying carpet.

First of all, slow down. Don’t be in a hurry to head out to a carpet dealer and start looking at carpets.

And PLEASE do not call any carpet retailer that you see advertising on television. I never recommend big-box home improvement warehouses with their sneaky low-cost carpet installation prices, AND I never recommend any shop-at-home carpet sellers who offer a whopping 60% off carpet priceson television. Consumers are often quite gullible, and saving 60%  sounds real good on the surface… but you all know the famous old saying… “if it sounds too good to be true”.

Folks, the last thing you need is to be pressured to buy carpet  “today”  from unscrupulous salespeople who prey on uninformed or unsuspecting homeowners.

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I retired from the carpet business and now I am a consumer advocate and have spent the past 11 years helping millions of homeowners choose carpet wisely and avoid common carpet scams. I also have a very select list of reputable carpet stores that are each hand-selected by me personally. They are all locally owned and provide excellent customer service. I go to great lengths to locate, screen and identify only the best and most reputable carpet dealers in America.  Visit my Preferred Carpet Dealer Directory


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