How To Select New Carpet and Avoid Scams

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Want to Learn How To Select New Carpet and Avoid Scams? Carpet prices have soared over the past few years making it a major homeowner expense!

So if you are planning to buy new carpet for your home anytime soon, you would be wise to discover my answers to these 7 critical carpet questions:

1. How Do I Choose the Right Grade of Carpet?
2. Can I Avoid Common Carpet Scams & Rip-offs?
3. What is the Easiest Way to Save the Most Time & Money?
4. How Do I Make Sure My Carpet Is Installed Correctly?
5. Where Do I Find Proper Carpet Care and Maintenance Guidelines?
6. Which Carpet Retailers Should I Avoid?
7. Are There Any Recommended Carpet Stores Near Me?

I can help you choose new carpet wisely, and here’s why…

First, I’d like to tell you a few of the little-known facts about buying carpet that you may not be aware of and what you need to learn before you head out to shop for new carpet.

I want you to fully understand how important it is to choose the Right Carpet & Pad that is capable of meeting your needs, goals, lifestyle and budget.

It’s also very important that you know what to do to ensure your new carpet is installed correctly and how to properly maintain your new carpet so it lasts as long as possible.

For you to be satisfied with your carpet purchase, there are several very important steps that must be done right.

About Me

Alan Fletcher aka The Carpet Professor
Alan Fletcher aka The Carpet Professor

But before we get started let me make one thing clear, I don’t sell or install carpet anymore, and I won’t make a dime from your carpet purchase no matter who you choose to buy from.

My 30+ years of carpet knowledge and experience gives me the unique ability to help homeowners learn the secrets to buying new carpet wisely and how to avoid common retail carpet scams. Learn more about me here.

How Much Does New Carpet Cost?

This is one of the most common carpet questions homeowners ask. Carpet, pad and installation prices continue to rise every year and this year even more than usual, mainly due to Covid-19 economic issues.

If you have a typical 2 or 3 bedroom home you might need to spend $2,500 to $6,000 to replace all the carpet in your home. Your total cost depends on your answers to these 3 questions:

  • How Long Do You Want Your New Carpet to Last? 5 years, 10?, 15?
  • How Much Carpet Do You Require? 900 square feet? More?
  • What is Your Level of Foot-Traffic? Low, Medium, Heavy?

Carpet Price Chart 2021 – Carpet Only Cost.

Average carpet prices shown. Your padding and installation cost must be figured separately based on your application and the type, style and grade of carpet you select.

Take my Free Carpet Foot-Traffic Test to see what grade of carpet you need to select that can meet your needs, goals and lifestyle.Carpet Professor Tape Measure

How Much Carpet Do You Need?

Grab a Tape Measure!

Need to know how much carpet you need to buy? Here are several ways to figure it out. You can always call a local carpet store and have them come by and give you a free estimate too!

Learn more How To Measure Carpet

It’s Not Easy to Choose the Right Carpet

Before you head out the door to go carpet shopping, you need to ask yourself several important questions, for example;

How long do you want your carpet to last?
How many people live in your home?
Do you have active children, teens or pets?
How much do you plan to spend on this project?

It’s not realistic to expect a low-quality carpet to last 20 years in a high-traffic situation. However, you don’t need to buy the most expensive carpet if you have low foot-traffic and only expect it to last 7 to 10 years.

Is buying carpet from Home Depot or Lowe’s a smart way to go?

Perhaps you’ve seen those “shop-at-home” ads on TV that offer 60% off carpet or three rooms done for the price of one! Is this really a good deal? I know you have a ton of questions too, like Should I Buy Carpet from Home Depot?

You need to know the honest truth, but first let’s discuss a very important issue…

Where to buy new carpet?

Where to Buy New Carpet?

How To Select New Carpet and Avoid Scams? You need to buy from an honest and reputable carpet and flooring dealer.

Some carpet retailers are reputable and some are not. It’s almost impossible for the average consumer to be able to tell the difference until it’s too late, but with over 30 years in the carpet business I can easily tell the good guys from the bad guys.

See Who I Recommend Near You

I’ve seen every sneaky carpet sales trick in the book. Unfortunately there are plenty of unscrupulous carpet retailers thinking up new and improved sneaky tricks and sales gimmicks to try to convince you to buy new carpet from them.

How to Avoid Common Carpet Scams and Rip-offs

The sad truth is, homeowners are constantly being targeted by crooks, thieves and con artists. You do not want to fall victim to unscrupulous carpet retailers who use sneaky sales tactics to con you into paying more and to receive less.

Any homeowner could easily be ripped off in a dozen different ways and never know it until it’s too late. What about those well advertised Free carpet installation specials at the big box stores?

What about those 60% off carpet TV specials? Have you been tempted by the “Buy One Room, get Two Rooms FREE” commercials?

There are dozens of common retail carpet scams and rip-offs out there that you need to be able to recognize and avoid.

That’s why I have developed my own special hand-picked list of reputable, locally owned Carpet Dealers that I prefer and recommend to my readers. See who I recommend near you

Choosing the Right Grade of Carpet

There are thousands of different carpet grades, colors and styles to choose from. Select the wrong grade or quality and you may find your new carpet is hard to clean, stains easily, mats down, fades out or wears out in a hurry.

Selecting the right grade of carpet will require that you know what makes one carpet better than another. You need to know how well it is constructed.

Once you know what grade of carpet you need to buy, you then have to ask all the right questions to locate that carpet.

At the very least you need to know all about these 5 Basic Carpet Specifications

1.  Face Weight
2. Pile Height
3. Pile Density
4. Fiber Type
5. Tuft Twist

You also need to know what type of Anti-Stain Protection is provided: Is it Stainmaster’s Teflon, Shaw’s R2X or was Scotchgard topically applied? I will explain later why this information is so important for you to know.

How To Buy New Carpet Wisely? Be Patient.

You might be asking yourself, what do I do once I have gathered all this information? How do I make sense of it all? Don’t worry; I’ll help you sort it all out.

I have free shopping forms, a carpet durability guide chart and carpet installation checklists for you to print up and use. Find them all here.

But before we get into all that, you really should take my free Carpet Foot Traffic Test to find out what grade (or quality) of carpet will work best for you in your home.

It’s not a scientific test, but I believe it is a realistic measure of your lifestyle based on a few key variables. It only takes a minute or two to complete and it will help you understand your level of foot traffic and what grade of carpet would be a smart choice for you.

 Why is Carpet Padding So Important?

Padding is the heartbeat of your carpet. It supports your carpet and helps protect it from damage, abrasion and wear. It also provides a soft cushy feel underfoot. But not all carpet pads are created equal.

Roll of padding
Roll of Rebond Pad

You are responsible for choosing the correct padding for the carpet style you select. You cannot rely on the carpet salesperson to make this choice for you.

So if you choose the wrong pad, you could void your new carpet warranty. If you choose the wrong pad, as a result, your carpet could develop wrinkles or wear out in prematurely. Here is what you need to know how to select the Right Carpet Padding.

How will I know if my Carpet is installed properly?

The next thing you need to know is that there is a huge shortage of qualified carpet installers in many areas. Getting your new carpet installed properly is absolutely critical.

There are carpet installation guidelines that must be followed to keep your carpet warranty in force. While I don’t put much value in new carpet warranties, you can’t expect to win any carpet warranty claim if your carpet was not installed properly in the first place.

So, this means it’s critical that you make sure to get qualified carpet installation. You can’t rely on the carpet retailer to do this for you. You need to be proactive.

I have created a handy Carpet Installation Inspection Form for you to use. Find it here

Your First Visit to the Carpet Store…

Imagine walking into a carpet store for the very first time and being greeted by a friendly salesperson who says:

 “Welcome to our store, how can I help you?”

You then say, “Yes, I’m looking for new carpet for our family room (or whatever).

So, after exchanging a few pleasantries the salesperson will likely ask you a few probing questions to try to determine how to help you and to see if you are knowledgeable about buying carpet.

They may ask you what style of carpet you are looking for? Or if you know how much carpet you need? Or how much you money you plan to spend on your project?

If you want to learn how To select new Carpet and avoid scams, I invite you to read all my carpet articles and print up all my free forms and guides. Here is my Table of Contents to help you navigate my site. Here is a list of my free Forms and Guides.

Choosing the Right Carpet Fiber for You?

There are many types of carpet fibers. Some are more durable. Here are 5 common Carpet fiber types.Which fiber is the best choice for your home? Learn more about Carpet Fibers

  • Nylon 6.0
  • Nylon 6.6
  • Wool
  • Olefin
  • Polypropylene
  • P.E.T. Polyester
  • Polyester
  • Smartstrand
  • Sorona
  • Triexta
  • PTT


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