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Alan’s Best Carpet Cleaning Service Directory Anyone searching for an honest & reputable carpet cleaning company will soon have free access to a special hand-picked list of locally owned & reputable Carpet Cleaning Companies, each who will have passed Fletcher’s strict requirements and guidelines for inclusion.

Alan's Best Carpet Cleaning Service Directory | Carpet Professor

Fletcher says that creating a list of recommended carpet cleaning service companies was an obvious decision due to the sheer number of consumer complaints filed every year with the Better Business Bureau.

“Carpet cleaning scams are so prevalent because it’s difficult for consumers to determine which companies are honest and which are not. One common scam attracts new customers with a discount coupon but use high pressure sales tactics and charge a much higher price once inside your home,” says Fletcher

“Since I’ve already helped over a million homeowners find a reputable locally-owned carpet retailer and learn how to buy new carpet wisely. Providing a list of recommended carpet cleaning service companies will be another great reason to visit my website,,” claims Fletcher.

Fletcher has long touted the importance of proper carpet care and maintenance. “You’ve got to take proper care of your carpet if you want it to last as long as possible. Frequent vacuuming and regular professional cleanings is very important,” advises Fletcher.

“Every carpet manufacturer now requires professional cleanings on a regular basis to keep their warranty in force,” warns Fletcher. “And you’ve got to keep your receipts or any warranty claim will be denied”

According to Fletcher, his carpet cleaning Service Directory will be of the home-grown variety, not like those computer generated lists that homeowners are forced to wade through while searching for useful information. “I like to keep it simple and I know my readers appreciate that,” said Fletcher

“My list is not like the yellow pages that show every carpet cleaner in town, I limit my recommendation to just one or two Certified Carpet Cleaning companies for an entire community,” Fletcher reports. “My goal is to make it easy for consumers to save time & money, to avoid scams and have their carpets cleaned properly!”

Homeowners are invited to visit his website at any time during the construction process but the number of recommended carpet cleaners will be limited.

Interested parties can email Alan at or visit for free consumer carpet information and advice.

Alan’s Best Carpet Cleaning Service Directory

Alan's Best Carpet Cleaning Service Directory | Carpet Professor


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Alan Fletcher - aka The Carpet Professor, a 30+year veteran of the carpet and flooring business and trusted consumer advocate since 1998. Alan provides free unbiased carpet buying information to consumers. Visit to learn how to save time and money; how to select new Carpet or Flooring wisely; and learn how to recognize and avoid common retail Carpet scams! Free! Visit to learn more about selecting natural or engineered wood flooring, waterproof vinyl tile or vinyl plank flooring for your home, office or rental property. Free!

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  2. Its nice to see good information for the consumer, thank you!

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