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Looking to buy new carpet soon? “Be careful who you buy carpet from” says Alan J. Fletcher a consumer advocate and author of The Complete Carpet Buying Guide. Alan is contacting thousands of carpet dealers across the country to create a short list of Preferred Carpet Dealers to place on his website. Over the past ten years Alan has provided free carpet buying information and advice to over one million of his website visitors and warns that many carpet retailers are wolves in sheep’s clothing and should be avoided.“There are so many carpet scams to watch out for, it’s truly amazing.” says Alan. “Most consumers don’t do their carpet-buying homework. They make the mistake of following the advice of inexperienced salespeople, pay way too much and end up buying carpet that doesn’t last.”

Alan says that consumers should find time to learn about carpet before they begin shopping to ensure they have a satisfying experience. “In addition to providing free information on my website my goal is to help consumers avoid common carpet scams by offering a free list of preferred carpet dealers. I’m using all my 30-years of carpet experience to weed out the wolves and find dealers who I believe are reputable and have friendly, knowledgeable and experienced salespeople” Fletcher stated. “I’ve found some reputable dealers located off the beaten path so to get the best service and prices consumers may have to drive a little bit out of their way” said Fletcher.

Alan says that maintaining the list will be an ongoing task and any dealer that qualifies for the list could be removed if they later fall short of expectations. “Consumers deserve a fair shake and if I find out that a dealer is doing the old “bait and switch” routine or other sneaky tactics I will drop them like a bag of hammers” Fletcher warned. “It’s in a dealers best interest to provide first-class service to my readers,” says Alan, “because dealers that make my list will be quite pleased with the number of new customers I can send their way.”

In order to be considered for the preferred list, carpet dealers must meet specific criteria determined by Fletcher including having no complaints on file at the local Better Business Bureau. Check out Alan’s growing list of preferred carpet dealers at

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Alan Fletcher - aka The Carpet Professor, a 30+year veteran of the carpet and flooring business and trusted consumer advocate since 1998. Alan provides free unbiased carpet buying information to consumers. Visit to learn how to save time and money; how to select new Carpet or Flooring wisely; and learn how to recognize and avoid common retail Carpet scams! Free! Visit to learn more about selecting natural or engineered wood flooring, waterproof vinyl tile or vinyl plank flooring for your home, office or rental property. Free!

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