Why do carpet salespeople keep pushing Polyester Carpet?

Carpet shopping is quite frustrating. I have been to approx 8 stores in the last few days. Each time the salesperson tries to steer me to polyester. I find it also difficult to comparison shop because most of them don’t give you any specifications of the carpet, but just say that this is a good carpet and I can give it to you for this or that price. They ask very few questions as to what you are looking for…

Does this sound familiar? Do you have a polyester carpet story to tell?

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One thought on “Why do carpet salespeople keep pushing Polyester Carpet?”

  1. I purchased Everstrand carpe made by Mohawkt from Sears. The carpet is about 3 months old and the shreddings fill my vaccum cleaner; my feet are itching. So I had carpet cleaned professionally wiith clear water and it is is still shredding and I am forced to wear shoes, which I hate.
    I called Sears and they did not return call. Say they can not find records.
    Mohawk rerouted call only to finally disconnect. Finally after manycalls I was directed back to Sears.
    This carpet is made from recycled bottles. However if the fibers are so loose think of what u r breathing in.
    I bought from an in home salesman because I have difficulty walking. This is how I was taken advantage of.
    Fortunately, I can replace this carpet rather than risk more physical discomfort and future health problems .

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