My carpet installer ruined my carpet!

Have you had a bad experience with a carpet installer? Did they fail to install your carpet correctly? Does your carpet have wrinkles? Do your carpet seams look terrible? Do you have a carpet layer nightmare or experience? What was the final outcome? Tell all!

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2 thoughts on “My carpet installer ruined my carpet!”

  1. We have recently had nearly all of the carpets in our home re-done. The installer left terrible seams, did not wrap the stairs well, and generally did the worst job I’ve ever seen done on carpet. We were told that it would all be rectified the next day, which it wasn’t. The installer said it was a “product” problem and they would have to contact the manufacturer. We’ve not heard from them again and have tried on multiple times to get in touch with them, with no luck.

  2. alanjohn1 says:

    The fact that the installers are now avoiding your calls is a sure sign that they are avoiding you. Bad seams is not usually a sign of a carpet defect. You should have the carpet mill rep out to inspect the carpet to be sure. Contacting the retailer where you bought the carpet is the next thing that you should do. If that does not work, keep records and document all that you can and seek remedy through small claims court.

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